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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ah. So about a month ago, Berny told me about this art experiment thingy she was putting up, involving young artists giving up their works they don’t wish to keep and ultimately finding them a new home. It’s called 12X. Read all about it on this page.


She also did this real awesome logo thingeh to explain the event:

Soooo. I decided to try something different, much so compared to all my cartoony illustrative stuff and my ordinary realistic pieces. IT WAS TIME TO GET ABSTRACT.


It started out with all the florescent pink and Camellia. :D


I played around with the texture and some sea sponges to give a sorta drippy effect.


Lemon yellow wash and then a lime one.


Going in with the textures, drip line effect sorta thing. A little viridian here and there. Blah.


Addition of the violet areas, outline with a felt tip pen.


Final, permanent rose gouche wash on the red areas, addition of much more purple. More details like purple dots and outlines.

Cropping and framed, ready for 12X (stole this from Berny cuz I failed to take a good picture of it framed)

So. Er. Yeah. The abstractness. It’s not my best work, but I think it’s good to explore various areas of interests, plus I wanted to be deep and crap. This piece is named Disease, and contrary to what the pictures show, it’s 50cm by 70cm, so it’s a hell of a lot bigger than you'd think .

It’ll be displayed from 7-11th June at Evil Empire, 48 Niven Road, Singapore, where it’ll ultimately be sold off through a ballot drawing. Do visit. It's near that banglah theater near the Little India Station.



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