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Friday, February 19, 2010

So. It’s been pretty depressing in school. So many assignments… Well I got my dearest ugly back.


Yeah. This ugly thing. I loved how random this came out to be. The exploding of a red tube of acrylic paint and the loss of a very comfy YJ P.E. T-shirt resulted in this. And of all the random screw ups when it comes to me and paint, it gave the best results.
-prods down-


Strange how things work out eh?

Anyway, I’ve been up to really random projects and stuff.


The Aussieland 205 cape.


What turned out to be the real artwork was the result of the workbench.
And doodling in class is always fun too.

The results of the school diary 2 days after being issued.


I draw her too much.


Mr Wallace being all pinkly and black haired.


Doodles and more.


The bestest little math teacher I’ve ever had. Cute old man he is.


Candleman and Mr Matchstick for the YJC Art Club SYF Comp.


Robert Frost sketch from a Lit lecture.


That lit. bitch.


Incredibly dull GP teacher. Kinda drawn him way shorter, but the paper’s too small and I didn’t wanna skip on the details. I love how the pants came out. 
I’m making good use of school time I tells ye.


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